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Develop Your JomSocial Community Marketing Strategy

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Survey Force Deluxe

Survey Force DeluxeSurvey Force Deluxe is integrated with JomSocial. So members can create surveys/polls from the front-end. Add this easy possibility and convert passive observers into active members. Just adding one option after another will not move your Community to peak condition. You should collect information about your members needs and desires to build your key marketing strategy.

You can use Survey Force Deluxe to capture the key information that you need for developing a thorough marketing strategy. The problem is to motivate folks to answer your survey questions. Everyone faces this problem. That is why we enriched Survey Force Deluxe with Alpha User PluginAlpha User Plugin (AUP).

survey  jomsocial

10-08-2021 18:36:33

How to turn your PDF into a Flipping Magazine QUICKLY?

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We developed Flash Magazine DeluxeFlash Magazine Deluxe to help you create real online flipping Magazines/Catalogs on your Joomla! site. You can enrich magazine with sound, pictures, text, links and even with video. Have a look at DemoDemo.

Welcome PDF

PDF is the most popular and common format for e-Magazines/Catalogs. Majority of our customers create their e-Magazines in PDF format. Such Magazines can be emailed and easily shared.

The next step is producing remarkable online digital editions with page turning effects and placing them on your Joomla!Joomla! site. We all prefer spend less time for such tasks… Aren’t you?

pdf  flashmagazine deluxe

10-08-2021 18:36:33

Advanced JomSocial Bundle Release

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Category: JoomPlace extensions

We are glad to introduce Advanced JomSocial BundleAdvanced JomSocial Bundle.

JomSocial BundleJomSocial Plugins BundleJomSocial Plugins Bundle is a set of JomSocial pluginsJomSocial plugins which helps you extend the functionality of your JomSocial application. The bundle is meant to save you time on installation.

JomSocial Plugins Bundle consists of the following plugins:

  • Profile Guests,
  • Featured Photos,
  • Profile Designer,
  • Classifieds,
  • Drag'n'Drop,
  • Graffiti Wall.

jomsocial  bundle

10-08-2021 18:36:33

Joomla Quiz Deluxe: new features are added

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Category: JoomPlace extensions

Joomla Quiz Deluxe Joomla Quiz Deluxe ver. 2.5.3 for Joomla! 1.5 and ver. 3.0.1 for Joomla! 1.6 released.

New features are added:

  • Now it's possible to upload Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions from csv-file.
  • What's more?

  • The users have new capability to see the detailed result page. The users can look at their quizzes results on new page.

quiz deluxe

10-08-2021 18:36:33

How to say THANK YOU for JoomPlace component?

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Category: JoomPlace extensions

They celebrate wonderful holiday in USA – Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving Day. It's a holiday that people celebrate by reflecting on the past year and giving thanks to each other. We believe that the holiday spirit is worth to be with us every day!

Please , visit JoomPlace components on Joomla Extensions Directory:

thank you  joomplace

10-08-2021 18:36:33

BBC style Drag and Drop page

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Category: JoomPlace extensions

BBC Style drag & drop Drag and Drop Drag and Drop functionality it what really sets old styled BBC site BBC site apart from the others. They introduced personalization, added peer recommendation and enhanced meta data across the website. It really took them a step forward with the look, feel and ease of use of their portal. We suggest you to follow in BBC’s footsteps.

Save time of your visitors

We have to read and learn more and more on a daily basis. Visitors will be really grateful for saving their time. Take a look at http://www.biblionova.nl site, powered by JoomPlace Drag and Drop Component Drag and Drop Component . It fully imitates BBC site style and has the same user advantages: easy navigation, personification, interactivity. You can easily organize the page with your most important module section on top and remove the sections you really do not care for. Drag and Drop functionality allows you to find easily and read what you came for straight away.

drag and drop  bbc

22-07-2011 10:43:59